• Atelier MTK
  • Le Dispel
  • 80, Allée de la Casamaures
  • 38950 Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux
  • France
  • L’ATELIER MTK, founded on 1992 by an group of filmmakers, is an artisan cinematographic laboratory equipped to work with 16mm b&w and color film stock. It offers both an introduction and an education to lab techniques in order to provide filmmakers with the necessary independence to make their own films. The lab should be considered like a playground.

    The proposed tools and techniques of the film medium are far from the work that industrial film laboratories offer worldwide, rather they encourage filmmakers to use every single element of the film medium & camera work procedures, printing, film development, editing, sound, projection – like a phase with creative potential, to be questioned at will, without any previously established preoccupations.

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