• Nanolab
  • 36 Grant St
  • Daylesford
  • Vic 3460
  • Australia
  • website
  • +61 400 748 864
  • Nanolab is a hand processing lab for super 8 black and white and colour reversal film – indeed, nano is the only lab for reversal super 8 processing in the southern hemisphere.
    Nano was born in response to the looming end of Kodachrome 40 in 2005 and the need to find a lab to process the new Ektachrome super 8 stocks.
    The spirit behind nano is to make super 8 a possible option for artists and the general community in Australasia.

    The lab is run by two experimental film artists – Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie.
    In addition to super 8 processing (which is run on a commercial basis), nano has facilities for 16mm reversal, ecnII and ecp processing, a JK optical printer, a Takita 16mm contact printer, as well as 16mm editing and telecine facilities.
    We also have 35mm shooting, processing, editing and projecting equipment.
    Nanolab runs various workshops (through the artist film workshop which nano helps to convene – visit: as well as offering a residency program for artists to stay and work in the lab here in Daylesford (which is a small town in the hills about an hour and half outside Melbourne)

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