E6 three-bath TETENAL kit (for color reversal films type Ektachrome)
Link for E6 TETENAL

Kodak Kits ECN and ECP developments (color négatives and positives). These kits are sold for make 100 l but are divisible. Kodak does not give a figure for the storage of concentrated products but they have been stored for several months without problems.
Link for Kodak Kits

There are also kits intended for the development of photo negatives knows as C41 kits, which allow the cinema color negatives although this is not treatment recommended by the manufacturers.
For example, C41 TETENAL kit

You can also use the developer of the ECN and the ECP followed by sa photo BLIX more practical (one single bath for bleaching and fixer) and more  “ecological “ than bleaching with ferrocyanide for example.