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Maddox is the name of the research group gathered on the initiative of L'Abominable in october 2014, around hand-made film emulsion. This group was composed by : Etienne Caire (Grenoble), Guillaume Ferry (Nantes), Alex MacKenzie (Vancouver), Robert Schaller (Colorado), Lindsay McIntyre (Montréal), Kevin Rice (Colorado) et Esther Urlus (Rotterdam).

Origin of the name

The group's name was chosen in reference, and as a tribute to, Richard Leach Maddox, english photographer and physicist who invented negative film stock based on gelatin.

Maddox Seminar

First Seminar : Maddox I

Was the first seminar, organised in october 2014. It was intended to bring people together.

Second Seminar : Maddox II

An attempt to establish a protocole to evaluate factors of sensibilisations.

Thrid Seminar : Maddox III

The third Maddox seminar is dedicated to the fabrication of “autochrome”, from the book of Jean-Paul Gandolfo and Bertrand Lavédrine, and to the development of a protocol for a panchromatic emulsion.

The MadBox

The MadBox is a machine which coats emulsion on a blank support, a film on a reel. It's small size makes it ideal for limited footages (up to 120 meters). This allow to imagine how doable is an artisanal production of analog film for a greater amount of film. This was conceived by Christophe (and who else?), and is in the process of being buil. The first prototype is meant to coat 16mm film.

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