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Bill of Material

Main parts

Quantity Description Manufacturer Part # Vendor Link Price (USD) Notes
1 Motor: Hobbywing Quicrun Fusion SE 1200kv 30404318 Amazon US Amazon $ 70.00 Euro vendor: Robitronic (There is also a faster 1800kv version but 1200 is best for us)
1 Motor Programmer (optional) Amazon US $ 10.00 Makes it easy to program motor options (disable braking, 3S battery, etc) but we can do this via code too
1 Aluminum motor mount 10EUR Many identical ones are available from different brands
1 ESP32 Development board (38 pin version) ESP-WROOM-32 10EUR Each projector needs 1 ESP32. If unavailable in your area there will be something identical with a different brand name.
1 prototyping boards 14EUR To mount the ESP32 and related circuits (We need 1 per projector)
1 LiPo Battery > 6000mAh 11.1V 3S (with XT60 connector) Amazon US $ 55.00 “Link shows battery with ”“Deans”“ plug which should be replaced with XT60. Other 3S batteries will work, but check physical dimensions and capacity > 6000mAh”
1 Battery Charger: ISDT PD60 ISDT PD60 17EUR Requires USB-C PD charger and cable
1 Silicone Electrical Wire 16 AWG Red/Black Amazon US 15EUR (5m) For LED and power wiring
1 Magnetic Encoder: OSRAM AS5047D-TS_EK_AB Mouser 16EUR For digital shutter, motor speed feedback, etc
1 TaskLED H6cc LED Driver H6cc TaskLED $ 34.00 Ships from US-based manufacturer.
1 4x 50mm aluminum heatsink for LED Amazon US $ 12.00 Contains 4. We need 1 per projector.
1 2x 50mm 12v fan Amazon US $ 10.00 Contains 2. We need 1 per projector
1 Cree XHP70.3 HI 5700K LED (6v) on 20mm PCB S029546 Kaidomain $ 14.00 Ships from China. Be sure to choose correct options (6V, 20mm PCB)
1 Diffused 5mm NeoPixel LED Adafruit $ 5.00 RGB LED for easy status indication (5 pack)
1 Panel mounted Fuse Holder Amazon US $ 7.00 For short-circuit protection (Contains 5. We need 1 per projector)
1 “10A ”“fast blow”“ fuse (physical size should match fuse holder)” Amazon US $ 10.00 (Contains 10. We need 1 + spares per projector)
1 12v power supply (8A or more) Amazon US $ 21.00 For powering projector from wall, can also be a power supply for battery charger via DC to USB-C adapter
1 SPDT “on-off-on” toggle switch (rated 10A or more) Amazon US $ 12.00 Main power switch, selects between DC in and battery. (Contains 3. We need 1 per projector)
2 Eurostrip terminal strip for high-current connections (10mm pitch) Altech HE4WPR/12 Mouser $ 14.00 Two 12 position strips are enough for 1 projector (Must be rated for > 10A current)
1 “High current ”“jumpers”“ for terminal strips” Altech HCL10-12 Mouser $ 5.00 A 12 position piece is enough for 1 projector (You could just use wire, but these are much easier!)
1 High current DC barrel jack Amazon US Most are rated for 5A, but you need 7A or higher. (Make sure plug size matches your power supply: 2.1mm or 2.5mm)
1 (optional) Lithium battery meter module MH-DL18S Amazon US To show battery level. Contains 5. We need 1 per projector.
1 3V Zener Diode 1N5225B Mouser $ 0.15 For LED driver pullup
1 Rectifier Diode 1N4001 or similar $ 0.15 Prevents power backflow from ESP32 to motor (when tethered to computer via USB)
6 10k linear Potentiometers + knobs Amazon US $ 11.00 Contains 20. We need 6 for full controls, could be reduced to 2 for basic control (17mm or smaller diameter, 6mm+ threaded collar depth - 8mm would be ideal)
2 Momentary pushbuttons Amazon US $ 11.00 For single-frame advance (Contains 8, we need 2 per projector)
? Toggle switches For Eiki we can re-use the main selector switch, but your UI may differ!
? various resistors for pullups, voltage dividers, etc
6 .01uF ceramic capacitors “marked ”“103”“” for noise reduction on ESP32 ADCs
1 .1uF ceramic capacitors “marked ”“104”“” power decoupling for NeoPixel LED
some 10-conductor (or more) ribbon cable micro-controller wiring
some Female 2.54mm single row headers (or use colored below) Use 2x 19-pin headers to make a socket for the ESP32
some colored headers (male) $ 4.95 to make color-coded connectors for ESP32 wiring
some colored headers (female) $ 2.50 to make color-coded connectors for ESP32 wiring

Eiki specific parts

Quantity Description Manufacturer Part # Vendor Link Price (USD) Notes
1 39.5mm(D) x 31.2mm(H) OP Aluminum Reflector for Cree XHP70 S028220 Kaidomain $ 4.00 Ships from China. Be sure to choose “OP” (orange peel)
1 5x 7070 LED Gaskets for 10mm Reflector Hole Kaidomain $ 3.00 Ships from China. May be included with reflector, but why take chances?
1 60 degree condenser lens for COB LEDs Amazon US $ 8.00 Standard lens for COB LED modules, should be easy to find.
1 2x GT2 Pulley 20&80 Teeth 8mm Bore Amazon US $ 17.00 Contains 2 80 tooth pulleys for shutter shaft. We need 1 per projector. (20T pulley is unused)
1 5x GT2 16 Teeth 5mm Bore Timing Pulley Amazon US $ 10.00 Contains 5. We need 1 per projector.
1 5x 232-2GT-6 Timing Belt Amazon US $ 9.00 Contains 5. We need 1 per projector.
1 3x 1/8” to 5mm shaft adapters Amazon US $ 8.00 Contains 3. We need 1 per projector.
Optical sound: High brightness Red LED ROHM SLI-580UT3F Mouser Mouser: $ 0.58 Any high-brightness red LED, 5mm size
Optical sound: preamp circuit, volume pot, output jack… ???

P26 specific parts

Qantity Description Manufacturer Part # Vendor Link Price (USD) Notes
1 20mm (D) x 15mm (H) OP Aluminum Reflector Kaidomain Ships from China. Maybe 23-25mm would be better?

There is nothing with a 10mm hole so drilling will be required
1 metal rod to make P26 motor pulley adapter It would be best to mill this from 6mm rod, with 1/8” center and a cross-drilled hole for set screw to pass through.


Quantity Other parts Notes
XT60 plugs for battery connections If your battery has XT60 connector, you don't need this. (We will re-use the male plug from the motor.)
thin sheet metal for shimming shafts and pulleys “Aluminum can or thin steel ”“shim stock”“”
heat shrink tubing (various small sizes + 20mm for power protection board)
thermal compound promotes heat transfer between LED and heatsink
1 M4 x 5mm - 10mm for main shutter drive shaft (replaces existing Eiki screw which is too long)
1 M3 x 5mm “to mount 16T pulley on motor (replaces set-screw that is too short to use with 1/8”“ adapter)”
3 M3 x 5 (or longer) to attach cable clip mounts to projector chassis
1 M3 x 5 (or longer) to attach terminal block mount to projector chassis
2 M3 x 5 (or longer) to attach battery box to projector chassis
(Aluminum motor bracket came with M3 x 5mm screws. Use them to attach aluminum bracket to 3D printed mount.)
2 M3 x 6mm (countersunk flat head) The M3 x 8mm flat heads included in the aluminum motor bracket are too long for our motor. Use these instead.
2 M3 x 5-8mm (low profile button head) for mounting LED sliding rail to existing Eiki lamp-holder
2 M3 x 8mm+ to mount LED heatsink to sliding rail (thumb-screws or cap screws with plastic adapters)
2 M3 x 8mm+ for encoder bracket
1 M3 x 10+ to attach cable clip mount to pillar in projector chassis near terminal blocks
4 M3 x 10mm with nuts to attach power protection boards & terminal block to back of Eiki battery box
2 M3 x 12+ with nuts to attach terminal block to battery box (for power protection board connections)
1 M3 x 12+ (with 2 washers) for PCB lock on corner of battery box
4 M3 x 20+ To attach fan to back of LED heatsink
2 M2.5 x 6-8mm (countersunk flat head) To attach LED to heatsink
2 M3 nuts Add to motor mount to create mount point for encoder bracket
2 M2.5 nylon flat washers To attach LED to heatsink
? M3 flat washers Used in several places
? M3 star washers Used in several places
2 M2.3 x 5mm self-tapping screws for mounting encoder board to encoder bracket
4 M2.6 x 8mm self-tapping screws for attaching LED lens clips to LED lens mount
4 “M3.5 x 12-16mm self-tapping screws (6-32 x 5/8”“)” to attach terminal blocks to 3D-printed mount
? “Plastic wire ties (”“zip ties”“)” to organize cable bundles
1 “Velcro strap, 20mm wide (3/4”“) x 22cm long” to hold battery in battery box
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