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  • Bioskop Lab has been created by Florent Ruch in 2008, and is working since 2010.

    A group of film-makers, the Bioskop non-profit organization is now managing the lab, in order to keep a complete analog film chain and to organize events and screenings.

    The members are : Florent Ruch, Philippe Lignières, Sébastien Tarot, Stéphanie Brault, Vincent Clarisse, Jean Cordier, Alexandra Gerber, Kenzi Riboulet, Guillaume Mariès, Adrien Charmot et Jenny Saastamoinen.

    Bioskop offers processing and printing with rapid machines, just like in the film industry. Long length projects can be done here.

    As L’Abominable or MTK, Bioskop Lab is open to everyone. You just have to be a member, and having had a few training days for the use of the machines. You pay a small fee for the lab, the machines and the chemistry you are using.

    Bioskop Lab can also provide negative and positive processing, as a commercial company.

    Cheap accommodation is available in the village.

    You can process super8, 16 and 35 mm in 50 or 100 ft length, by hand, in spiral tank. The following process can be done : b&w negative and positive, b&w and colour reversal (E-6), and colour positive (ECP-2).

    For longer length, Bioskop Lab also has a Debrie Uniplex automatic processing machine, for colour negative and positive (ECN-2 & ECP-2), in 16 and 35mm. This is a quite huge beast, that will not be started for a single 400 ft roll ….

    We also offer printing in 16 and 35 mm with 2 wet gate continuous contact printers Debrie TCI 16 and 35 (dolby and DTS sound). The 16 one is silent. We are actually searching for a sound head for such a printer ….

    Bioskop also offers telecine for 16mm, Super, 35 and Super35, with a BTS Quadra machine. The color correction is done with a Pogle suite. The scan is in SD, 4.4.4 and 4.2.2 on 10 bits. The datas are stored hard drive, no tapes.

    Editing facilities are available, with one CTM 16 & S16 table, and another CTM 35mm table. Negative matching is also possible. And the lab owns 16mm, super16 and 35mm cameras and lenses.

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