• Crater Lab
  • Carrer de Sant Guillem, 17
  • 08006 Barcelona
  • Spain
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  • CRATER-LAB is an independent analog film lab that aims at promoting the creation/production of handmade films and provides the conditions to do so independently.

    Located in Barcelona and managed by filmmakers and artists, CRATER-LAB is a collaborative and cooperative space with the equipment required for the production of films in reduced format, Super 8 and 16mm, where one can carry out the complete process of filming, developing and editing, as well as request or do copies, telecine, transfers or 35mm kinescope.

    CRATER-LAB’s activities :
    – Technical workshops : which reveal basic processes and materials needed for filmmaking. The aim being that everyone will grow familiar with the use of the equipment in the lab in order to become independent users.
    – Creative workshops: thought to explore and develop in practical ways the understanding of technical and aesthetic aspects of experimental film.
    – Residencies: short or long stays at the laboratory offered to local and international artists and filmmakers who need a space to develop their own projects in Super-8, 16mm or 35mm.
    – Conferences, lectures and debates: a space for reflection and debates on the moving image’s issues.
    – Exhibitions, screenings and performances.
    – Self-made publications.CRATER-LAB is a non-profit organization open to new members and willing to collaborate with other individuals, organizations or institutions.

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