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  • The DRKRM is a member-based, artist-run film lab in Dresden and is part of the Konglomerat e.V., an association that runs several craft and artistic workshops. The DRKRM is also strongly connected to the Dresdner Schmalfilmtage, festival for 8 and 16 mm film.

    We have one wet room for developing motion picture film stock as well as for photographic works in black&white and color. In another room we can do studio work such as animation or cutting on our Steenbeck. We also have a nice courtyard, that can be used for small open-air summer screenings.

    Our resources include hand as well as machine processing in black&white and color negative/positive, 16mm editing table and editing equipment, 16 mm cameras, lighting, projectors, screens and some Regular 8 and Super 8 cameras as well as editing equipment. We are continuously working on the expansion of our possibilities.

    To come by once a month we offer an open workshop for interested people who can just drop in or get a member of the whole Konglomerat e.V. with it’s multitudinous workshops.

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