• Lab.inrinto.Lab
  • Av. Pompéia, 1770
  • Pompéia
  • São Paulo
  • SP 05022-001
  • website
  • (11) 9625588951
  • Lab.irinto.Lab (formerly Super OFF Lab) is a variation of our photography laboratory, which at first was nomadic, serving the Pinhole workshops of the Click na Lata project and others more. It was created in 2017 exclusively to develop films from our workshops and film festivals. We started offering the service to friends after the drop of support for social projects from municipal, state and federal levels. The only way to keep the two festivals (Super OFF and 1666) active was to open the Laboratory and start developing films by partners, amateurs, curious and enthusiastic. Thus, buying and processing films with us is a way to keep Super 8, Single 8, 8mm and 16mm formats alive in Brazil.

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