L’Abominable impulsed the First “Maddox Seminar” about hand-made film emulsion between oct. 27th and nov. 2, 2014.

It gathered several European and North American film-makers and artists that work in the field of motion picture film with hand-made emulsion. The Seminar consisted of a week of research during which participants exchanged knowledge, conduct practical experiments and test new designs.

This period of collective work was followed by a workshop for members of L’Abominable and a public screening of work produced using this technique. It also served to enrich the www.filmlabs.org website with pages regarding hand-made emulsion, as the Seminar aims at expanding this practice, that we consider to be particulary relevant in the 21st Century.

Were invited to participate : Etienne Caire (Grenoble) / Guillaume Ferry (Nantes) / Alex MacKenzie (Vancouver) / Robert Schaller (Colorado) / Lindsay McIntyre (Montréal) / Kevin Rice (Colorado) / Esther Urlus (Rotterdam).

The group’s name was chosen in reference, and as a tribute to, Richard Leach Maddox, English photographer and physicist who invented negative film stock based on gelatin.

The original gathering was followed by two others at Atelier MTK in Grenoble. The group remains active, open to collaborations and shares its research through Wikipelloche, filmlabs’s wiki section about hand-made emulsion.