• CNC & Images inanimées
  • 10 rue Voltaire
  • 93400 Saint Ouen
  • France
  • Our association “CNC & images inanimées” was born from the desire to encourage artisanal and alternative cinematographic and photographic creation.

    It was created by Amandine Julien and Stephen Rousselin in 2015 and is located in Saint Ouen, next to Paris.

    Exchanging crafts and point of views

    Drawn to unique approaches, we wish to bring together artists with different art practices. Our goal in doing so is to exchange our perspectives and know-how in order to create tools and/or artistic projects related to hand-made cinematographic and photographic techniques.

    Intended as a channel striving to emulate filmic material and to encourage original projects (both in terms of plastic form as well as narration), our association is furthermore meant as a place for research and reflection regarding the interaction between those different mediums. Breaking the barrier between photography, cinema and plastic arts! Enriching ourselves with their encounter!

    A commitment

    The association is dedicated to helping save a legacy of artistic supports, of diffusions (silver photographic film, magnetic strip) and of the numerous techniques it entails (shootings, alternative techniques, etc.)
    To learn more about our artistic enterprise : read the CNC manifesto {in french}

    Our activities:

    • Manual black and white Super8, 16mm film photo
    • Color developing in precise thermostatic bathes
    • Printing with enlarger (color, b&w)
    • Editing in 16mm
    • Lab experiments (special techniques, toning, mordançage)
    • Printing of old and alternative processes in UV bench (cyanotype, vandyke, bromoil, gum bichromate, salt paper…)
    • Research group regarding the production of bromide gelatin emulsion
    • Workshops on film practices and alternative/old processes in photography
    • Sale of lab services•
    Exhibitions and projections organization
    • Discussion meetings regarding artistic projects
    • Collective excursions (shootings, exhibitions…)

    More than a place

    We wish to establish ourselves within our acts more than within a place! Although CNC & images inanimées has access to a lab, lent by a collective, it should not be limited to that aspect. Instead, we prefer considering ourselves as a body of artists wishing to invest in active steps: exchanging studios, meeting with non-members, setting up workshops and pop-up laboratories, visiting other associations involved in our enterprise, sharing knowledge and expertise, organizing events and artistic manifestations, etc.

    Artist residencies

    We moreover offer a system of residence, allowing non-member artists to use our lab over a fixed period of time to work on specific projects: contact us for more information!


    CNC & images inanimées also strives to be a platform of artisanal cinematographic, photographic and sound practices resources.
    Via our regularly updated website and our open forum, we hope to demystify techniques and contribute to the transmission of practices that may be obscure or at risk.
    Be it technical techniques, links to providers or to member galleries so that their work may be presented and shared, reflection about the art or even anecdotes concerning our practices… the CNC website is open to any and all contribution by members and non-members alike.
    Please contact us if you have any resources to put online, any link you wish to share or ideas on how to improve our website!

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