Roger Beebe’s drying rack, adapted from Richard Tuohy’s design.
(Download the Adobe Illustrator files)
L’Abominable’s original Lomo spiral dryer, made from a drill grip and motor, a salad spinner and a hair dyer. Lasted 25 years – but careful with the heat of the hair dryer, it can be too much and damage emulsion – and the spiral.
The same unit seen from above.
The new version at L’Abominable, made from a large fan and the heating part of a consumer grade heater.
A nice large flow of 35°C air does the trick – no need for spinning.
A Jobo 30m dryer, that rotates the spiral and blows warm air from a heater inside,
the drawback being that some water falls on the mechanical and electric parts inside. Careful!
JOBO dryer